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When was the last time you installed a door, window or cabinet? Well...How long did it take to shim and plumb them level? I know I probably just hit a sore spot. I felt the same frustration myself. For years people have spent countless hours trying to use the standard wedge shims to shim level and plumb their doors, windows, cabinets, shelving, etc. The process usually takes two people and many tries to get it right. The problem is that you are "fighting" with a big bulky item while trying to make the opening plumb and level at the same time. WITH SPEED-SHIMS YOU CAN MAKE THE OPENING OR SURFACE PLUMB AND LEVEL FIRST! This makes your installations not only FASTER but BETTER  as well!

Plumb and Level your surfaces FIRST!

Speedshim...And if there is a space to fill, you can open the Speed-Shim block like a book, insert the layers and peel for a perfect fit every time!  The SPEED-SHIM revolutionizes shimming technology with it's DUAL METHOD patented pending LAYERED DESIGN. Now you can shim from 1/32" to 1/2" simply by peeling the block ...if you need more than 1/2", stick another block on and away you go! I said stick didn't I...well that's another great feature to the Speed-Shim! Each block has an ADHESIVE BACK that will stick to virtually any surface, allowing for HANDS FREE 1 PERSON INSTALLATIONS.

Made of an engineered wood fibers with Moisture Guard SM, these shims can be used anywhere conventional wedge shims can and they won't shrink, split, spin or fall. Plus their shimming capacity is TWICE that of wedge shims.

"Why Didn't I Think of That!"

  • Install a door in 10 minutes, not a whole afternoon!
  • Make an old door like new again by shimming the hinges
  • Install new windows fast - with NO stacking and NO trimming!
  • Stick Speed-Shims to the bottom and backs of cabinets for quick and easy installations.
  • Use as spacers to get even grout lines UNDER ceramic tile base.
  • Level the base of wainscoting for fast, prefect installations.
  • Use as spacers against the wall to square the starter run of both laminate and wood flooring.
  • Install base trim without coping the corners!
  • Level a shelf, a dresser, even a wobbly restaurant table - their uses are endless!

"Our door installs went from taking 15 minutes and 2 men, down to 10 minutes with only 1 man!"
- Kevin S., Pulte Homes

"You don't have to cut or stack Speed-Shims. This saves loads of time when shimming windows"
- Steve P., Custom Modular Homes

"Positively the best shims ever made, they make installations a breeze!"
- Sam S., Genesis Building

"They're great for maintaining equal grout lines beneath the base tiles"
- Ryan W., Prestige Stone & Tile

"Nothing is quicker or easier for leveling or filling gaps and I love not having to cope the corners of the base trim"
- Tony L., Bid-Rite Carpentry

"The sticky back makes them great for 1 man cabinet installations"
- Dave D., Ultimate Kitchens and Baths

"I keep a pack in my tool box because I'm always finding new uses. - Like finally leveling my dresser!"
-Mark N., Handyman Services

"We use them on every job we do! It's so easy...just peel, stick, level and your done!"
- Race H., TEMO Designer Basements

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Speed Shim
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I'm so sure you'll fall in love with the Speed-Shim that I will give you a chance to test them around your home or the jobsite Totally RISK FREE! If your not completely satisfied at how quick and easy shimming and leveling can be with Speed-Shims, I'll REFUND 100% of the purchase price AND the shipping cost. This is truly a RISK FREE OFFER, so what are you waiting for? Order your Speed-Shims today!

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 SPEED-SHIMS...because you got some work to do!

- Chris Penar
Inventor of the Speed-Shim

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